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Teeth Whitening

At Christchurch Boutique Dental, we bring back the glow you desire.

As we age, our enamel becomes thinner, the underlying dentine increases in mineralisation, and along with build up of stains from certain foods and beverages, our teeth darken over time. One of the most popular and easiest way to brighten up your smile is teeth whitening.

Professional in chair whitening is more effective and longer lasting compared take home whitening kits. Our expert dentist can easily whiten your teeth by up to 5-10 shades in a single visit, however, not everyone’s teeth are suitable for whitening nor will one set of teeth whiten like another. It is mandatory to ensure adequate oral health prior to whitening. A full dental examination with radiographs and photographs is required to check for decay, existing restorations (these will not whiten) and current sensitivity of your tooth or teeth.

At Christchurch Boutique Dental, following your professional whitening treatment, we encourage maintaining the result with take-home whitening gels at least once per year.

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Professional Teeth Whitening – Things to consider:

  • Possible sensitivity. With certain individuals, teeth can become hypersensitive following whitening treatments. We are able to minimise this by using new generation whitening gels that is light activated, reducing sensitivity and shortened treatment time.
  • Existing Restorations. Existing restorations such as fillings, crowns, veneers will not whiten and may require replacement to match the new shade. We recommend doing two months after whitening to get a more accurate colour match.
  • Habits. Smoking, drinking tea/coffee/wine will all cause discolouration.
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