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Dr. David Kao

Christchurch Boutique Dental founder and principal dentist Dr. David Kao obtained his Dental Surgery degree from the University of Otago, and upon graduation entered straight into private practice in Christchurch.

Over the years, Dr. Kao has developed advanced skills in microscope enhanced treatments particularly in the fields of cosmetic dentistry and endodontics, specialising in complex root canal treatments and Invisalign. He recognises the benefits of microscope enhanced vision in dentistry and is committed to redefining precision in his modern dentistry practise.

Dr. Kao has completed numerous postgraduate training in advanced endodontics, composite resin artistry, minimally invasive ceramic restorations, oral surgery and facial cosmetics. He is an active member of ITI (International Team for Implantology) and NZDA ( New Zealand Dental Association).


Dr. Natalyn Tiang


After graduating from the University of Otago, Dr. Natalyn Tiang kickstarted her career in Rotorua. She has since relocated to Christchurch for her love of the South Island. Growing up afraid of the dentist, inspiration and curiosity led her to gain a whole new perspective of the profession through her training. Dr. Tiang is now determined to share this with others through friendly chatter, caring discussions and gentle treatment — easing patients’ nerves and ensuring their visit to a dentist in Christchurch is a pleasant one while providing high quality dental care. 

As a firm believer of prevention of dental disease, Dr. Tiang believes that education is key in patient care. Helping you as a patient to understand the process of decay, modes of intervention and preventative measures are vital goals towards a healthy and beautiful smile. Her interests in Dentistry include restorative dentistry, endodontics (root canal treatment) and oral surgery.

Outside of Dentistry Natalyn is passionate about playing ultimate frisbee, going on adventures, and being artistically driven.

Dr. Kah Ern Sha

After graduating from the University of Otago in 2014 with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Dr Kah Ern Sha spent her first year working in Wellington Hospital and the following 3 years in private practice in Levin. Dr Sha has grown professionally to be both a meticulous and gentle dentist; she believes in only offering the level of dental care that she would offer to her own family.

Dr Sha is passionate about dentistry, with interests in oral surgery and cosmetic dentistry such as crown and bridge, veneers and Invisalign. On top of this, she is also trained in delivering facial aesthetics treatment with botox and fillers. She endeavours to give patients the confidence to smile without being self-conscious. She takes the time to know her patients so treatment can be tailored to suit their needs with minimal stress.

Born in Malaysia, Dr Sha is able to communicate fluently in English, Mandarin, Malay, and multiple Chinese dialects. Outside dentistry, she loves to snowboard, paint and do pottery. She looks forward to meeting you!

Kah Ern Sha - Best Dentist in Christchurch

Dr. Jeffrey Ting

Jeffrey Ting dentist

Dr Jeffrey Ting, from an early age, has always enjoyed visiting the dental nurse and has always loved to look after his teeth!

This inspired Dr Ting to pursue a career as a dentist. He commenced his career as a full-time dentist in Kaiapoi, Christchurch after graduating from Otago University. 

Dr Ting is dedicated to making dental visits more comfortable for everyone. He is well known for his gentleness and his willingness to spend time with his patients explaining their treatment in detail. 

To provide the  best care and  the best results possible, Dr Ting uses high magnification dental loupes and attends dental courses on a regular basis. His is a perfectionist who is detail orientated and this has encouraged his passion to advance his skills in every aspect of his work, especially in the field of restorative dentistry.

Dr Ting is also a keen fisherman, enjoys spending time with his dog Juniper, doing photography and playing badminton.

Dr. Haneen Alayan

After working in Dunedin and Gore for the past 5 years, Haneen has finally returned home to Christchurch on a permanent basis. For the past few years, she has travelled between Christchurch and Gore every single week (please take a moment to appreciate the level of organisation required to book flights in advance for an entire year in the middle of a global pandemic). Haneen doesn’t really tolerate traffic very well (hence the escaping away to a small town every week) but she has decided to make the ultimate sacrifice and learn to put up with it for the sake of being around her husband and family more often. When Haneen is not fixing teeth, which is admittedly rather rare, she can usually be found playing football, or in places she probably should not be. She is nature’s biggest fan and enjoys many adrenaline based activities that some people may classify risky. That being said, the one thing she would never take risks with is your oral health. Haneen once fell off a cliff (which happens sometimes when you climb without any ropes) and despite the damage she did to her body, she still turned up to the clinic two days later to see her patients because nothing is more important to her than their oral health. That is a level of dedication that very few can claim to have. It’s true that she split open all her stitches and all the wounds got infected and therefore, in hindsight, wasn’t the best decision but please take note of the important point about the level of dedication and ignore the rest. 

Haneen loves most aspects of general dentistry but enjoys complex procedures that require precision and attention to detail the most. She prefers to save teeth where possible which has led to a love of root canal treatment. She really enjoys the artistry that comes with restorative dentistry and has a lot of experience with cosmetic dentistry, crown and bridge work and full mouth reconstructions. Transforming a smile is one of the things she finds the most rewarding. Haneen has one main goal for her career and that is to get rid of the ‘murder house’ reputation that dentistry has had for decades. She loves working with the dentally anxious and helping them get past their fear of the dentist. Haneen has a real passion for her work and feels extremely blessed to be able to do something she loves on a daily basis. She is really looking forward to establishing herself in Christchurch once again.

Dr. Gloria Jeong

Born in Korea and raised in New Zealand, Dr Gloria Jeong has graduated with Masters of Dentistry in Australia and has recently relocated to the beautiful city of Christchurch.

Dr. Jeong’s mission is simple: to redefine your dental experience. She understands that for many, a trip to the dentist can be daunting and anxiety-inducing. Dr. Jeong is here to change that. With her compassionate and gentle approach, she aims to transform the dreaded “dental visit” into a positive and comfortable experience. She hopes that through her work, her patients will be able to gain back their confidence towards a healthier smile as she believes ‘everyone smiles in the same language’.

Outside the dental chair, Dr. Jeong enjoys spending quality time with her beloved dog Ari, camping and exploring new cafes!

Angela Lo Yang

Angela graduated from the University of Otago with a Bachelor of Oral Health in 2020. She began her career at the Auckland Regional Dental Services providing treatment to children and promoting oral health education. She then began treating gum disease and promoting oral health in Wellington, before moving to Christchurch and becoming a valued member of the team at Christchurch Boutique Dental.

Angela is passionate about working with people of all ages, understanding their needs, and partnering with them to achieve optimal oral health. She believes in providing quality, efficient, and gentle care to all her patients. Achieving good oral health through informed and educated care by setting realistic and achievable goals is her passion.

In her free time, Anglea enjoys reading and doing craft work like crocheting and embroidery. Recently bringing home a tri-coloured corgi puppy named Doug, she has been spending most of her time taking care of and training him.