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Holistic Dentistry

Christchurch Boutique Dental’s principal dentist Dr. David Kao specialises in the advanced use of microscopic dental analysis, techniques and treatments. State of the art camera & microscopic technology enable him and his team to perform holistic general & cosmetic procedures with absolute precision.

Dr. Kao’s holistic approach to both general and cosmetic procedures comes from a comprehensive root understanding of the natural laws that govern all living cells, including the formation, function and aesthetics of human teeth and facial features. This philosophical approach to dentistry allows for precise, natural results.

Precision & Beauty

At Christchurch Boutique Dental we focus on your dental work as a journey. This journey is evaluated at the microscopic level to ensure the most natural and aesthetically pleasing results can be achieved.

Natural Aesthetics

Our primary focus is on how nature achieves is aesthetic qualities. This focus enables us to deliver dental results that are true and consistent to the unique character of your teeth. No two people have the same dental characteristics, and it is this understanding that allows us to craft the most natural results for your smile and your dental health.

The Microscrope

Our advanced camera and microscopic technology allows us to see what was previously impossible to see with the human eye. And we are able to perform dental procedures, such as advanced root canal treatment and Invisalign with incredible precision and finesse.