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Composite Fillings

At Christchurch Boutique Dental, restoring cavities in a tooth is like repairing a priceless antique, the finished job must be indistinguishable from the rest of the tooth.

Our teeth are constantly deteriorating in our mouth, this may be due to natural wear and tear or decay.

Teeth that are damaged, must be restored to their original shape and form (morphology). The points and grooves in each tooth serves to guide our bite and provide chewing efficiency. Too many incorrectly shaped or non-morphological fillings can lead to shifts in jaw position resulting in, poor aesthetics, accelerated ageing and jaw pain.

Replicating natural dental morphology requires significant knowledge, skills and dedication. To recreate nature, we must dissect everything down to its building blocks, study them closely and gain appreciation of how these building blocks fit in with one another. We must also develop and adapt our vision. Our eyes need to pick out details that are not normally visible. Lastly, our hands need to be trained to deliver precision to the micron level. Only when everything is done right on a microscopic scale can the final result be correct. There is no short cut. There is only time and dedication.

Smileline Compo Brush