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Oral Surgery

Are you experiencing tooth pain but are too afraid to go to the dentist? Well, it is about time to grow out of that nasty old habit.

To help you shed off your lingering childhood apprehensions about dentists, let us bring to light one of the most well-used medical jargon – oral surgery. With better understanding comes confidence in dental practitioners to take care of your dental health.

The term ‘oral surgery’ can be quite intimidating and make you nervous, hearing that you need one. However, in reality, it is simply a surgical procedure done in the area of our mouth. Plus, it is performed by medical professionals who have spent years studying and practising doing it safely on patients.     

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Oral surgery encompasses 4 main procedures:

  • simple tooth removal
  • surgical wisdom tooth removal
  • apicoectomy (root end resection)
  • dental implant placement

Indeed, simple tooth extraction is considered oral surgery. So, the next time you hear your dentist say that you will have to undergo oral surgery for wisdom teeth removal, don’t panic. It is merely a medical term for this set of procedures that help ease tooth pain and let you smile confidently with your beautiful pearly whites.

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When Do You Need Oral Surgery?

In order to provide the best possible aesthetic solutions, oral surgery sometimes cannot be avoided. This too forms one of the building blocks to craft a perfect smile.

But it’s not every time that you will need to have oral surgery. Sometimes, simple prophylaxis or dental cleaning will easily solve the problem. Remember, early intervention can save you a lot with the cost of teeth removal and dentures.

So, if you are experiencing any sort of pain in your tooth or jaw area, it is best to immediately consult with your dentist or a dental professional nearby. When you speak with your dentist, he/she will recommend which procedure/s you will need to take care of your dental health.

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What to Do Before an Oral Surgery or Wisdom Teeth Removal

Your dentist will most probably provide you with some guidelines in preparation for your upcoming surgery. Here are some things you can do to be more prepared:

  • Do not drink any alcoholic beverage at least 24 hours before your surgery. This will lessen the likelihood of excessive bleeding during the operation. Also, alcohol in your bloodstream can interfere with the efficacy of the anaesthetic used and the set of antibiotics to be taken afterwards.
  • If oral sedation is needed, please fast for 8 to 10 hours before the surgery. Before the procedure, patients are often required to stop any kai or liquid intake for at least 8 hours. This prevents you from feeling nauseous and chunder during and after the surgery. Even chewing gum is not allowed.
  • Choose appropriate clothing. It is best to wear comfortable clothing for the procedure. Avoid shirts with sleeves that cover your arms, as the nurses will need to monitor your blood pressure, measure your vital signs, or give an IV.
  • Don’t smoke. Avoid smoking tobacco products for a minimum of twelve hours before surgery and for at least 24 hours after the procedure.
  • If oral sedation is needed, please make arrangements for your trip home. Some types of anaesthesia will make you feel groggy even hours after the procedure. This can greatly endanger your life if you insist on driving yourself home. Instead, have a family member or friend come and drive you home. If not possible, book a ride with Uber, Ola, or Zoomy.
  • Purchase your medication beforehand. Post-operation, you will probably be given a set of antibiotics that you should take starting after your surgery. Avoid the hassle of procuring your prescription when you’re already groggy by buying it in advance.

If you’ve done the tips outlined here, then your oral surgery will be a breeze. Partnered with the advanced technology for wisdom teeth removal, Christchurch Boutique Dental is sure to deliver you the best dental care that you deserve.

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